domingo, 19 de septiembre de 2010


Mabel Rehnfeldt
Creative Research Department
ABC Color Newspaper

Today, September 19th, marks exactly five months of that wagnerian binding slander that you made me the object, Mabel Rehnfeldt. Two months and I’m still waiting for a public apology from you. Of the other two I expect nothing, neither from Nancy Espínola nor from Higinio Ruiz Diaz, they are absolutely smaller pencils of the anthology and they know it, their legacy to the world will be nothing but a pile of corroded bones. Something, however, tells me that I can have higher expectations from you, Mabel Rehnfeldt.

You made a huge mistake and you know it very well. You accused me of the authorship of the dossier of a campaign to discredit the newspaper that employs you (as if it was really needed), you accused me of asking for money to the President for printing T-shirts with the legend –too soft, by the way– ABC LIES.

You did'nt check the source, you did an irresponsible journalism, you wrongly bogged down my name with your conspiratorial paranoia. You throw the stone and hid your hand, Mabel Rehnfeldt. But I do believe that an apology can mend the past. So here, with Godot –who came late but came at last– we are sitting and waiting for the elm tree to bear pears.

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